Friday, August 31, 2007

Scatterday G

Scatterday G, originally uploaded by FranW.

Colour-G 4 green
Household Item-G 4 Grater
Vehicle-G 4 Govt vehicle

There's green fabric inside them thar bins - I don't use green, so I'm not too sure how it all accumulated!

This shape of grater isn't made any more. I don't like using other shapes and I've had one for nearly 40 years. The other I bought at a market in case one wore out.

Graeme works for Tas Gov't, number plates start with G.

P.S. I've started cutting the batiks - half way through blocks.


Michelle Watters said...

Very clever - love them. Very handy with the vehicle!

Pennie & David said...

How clever is that! A red G on Graeme's car!1 Love it! Pennie

Dy said...

Smart thinking with the vehicle Fran. And I'm impressed with your stash of green fabric!!

Liz Needle said...

Great photos Fran. Of course if you don't use green fabric, I am sure some of your friends would love to help out. LOL.