Sunday, August 26, 2007


Renewal sample, originally uploaded by FranW.

One of the projects I managed to cross off my list today was the quilt top I made from the "Renewal" fabric range by Brannock & Patek for Moda. This photo of it on a bed will do until it gets hung on the wall at The Quilt Patch. I like making simple machine piecing patterns now. The joints in both of my thumbs are "disintegrating" and I now try to save my handsewing for the bindings which I quite enjoy doing. I suppose after nearly 40 years of handsewing something's got to give?

The prairie points aren't really PP's, they are triangles from another quilt underneath and they're part of a border. The fabric looks better sewn together than sitting in bolts too!


Dy said...

Nice quilt Fran, love the exotic colour scheme

Liz Needle said...

Great colour combinations, Fran. Very bold. I can sympathise with the thumbs - mine are on the way out too. Too many hockey stick bangs in the old days.