Friday, November 14, 2008

Because I was a quilter once.....

before I became a gardener, I thought I'd better post a few pics of what I am doing.

Last year sometime new Tonga Batik fabrics arrived and I "needed to use it" so I made a small sample.

The book "Stack a New Deck" by Karla Alexander (That Patchwork Place) had recently arrived and "Cottage Quarters" appealed. I'm not using the sashing.

The sample languished on display at the shop until I needed a project for retreat a few months ago. More blocks were cut out then and nothing sewn until today. I'm not sure how big it will end up, but I don't "do" small quilts now unless they're for a child, so I will plod on until the fabric runs out or it gets to a size I like.

The quilt top on the bed is another almost finshed one. Many of the blocks came from a 9 Patch swap on SCQuilters, my Internet group.
Set with plain pansy fabric blocks it has ended up quite large - 2.1m square, backing done and waiting for quilting.

This one is an "Ami & Michelle" Oz-Dye Arts pattern from years and years ago. I hung it above the spare bed where Nic and Nancy sleep so Miss Maggie and Banjo can enjoy it while they visit in 2 weeks!
The crooked certificate is one Nic won in grade 6 for Mathematics. He took the PhD certificate to his home, wonder why he didn't take this to hang up?


Anonymous said...

Love your Chooks quilt... really nice!! Great colour choices too!! Lx

Sherri (speedyqltr) in Ontario, Canada said...

What beautiful quilts you have! You are very talented!

I especially love that 9-patch one. I started one many years ago with the scraps someone gave me, and never finished it because it was getting too busy for my liking. I'm one of these anal people that has to have everything matching all the way around, lol. I ran out of fabrics to match the whole thing up with, so I think that's why I stopped in reality.

I like your Jelly Roll quilt too, seems easy enough! Great stash user-upper as well!

Miss M is a doll!