Friday, November 14, 2008

The Vegie Garden

Oh Boy! Is this garden growing!!!

I know it was new soil, I know it's in a sunny warm spot against the wall, I know it has a generous half bag of good Tassie Sheep Poo on it (1.5 metres square in area!)

But I planted the plants - doesn't that count for anything?

"Inspirational" was Rob's description. I bet he wishes he was here instead of travelling around India on his pilgrimage! :-)

Inspired by the success of the first plot and the fact that I still had 3 tomatoes to put "somewhere" my helper prepared me another plot against the fence which doesn't get nearly as much sun, so we'll see. This bit has 3 tomatoes, a punnet of beans, spinach and Pak Choy and I have carrots to go in soon.

I have plans for an expanded garden next year, LOL
By the way, one of my neighbours has told me my tomatoes are too close together, sigghhh!!!!

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Jane said...

I was trying not to mention the closeness ...but I put some pictures in the blog of 4 tomatoes and a punnet of basil all in one big rectangular trough and they are growing like weeds outside my sliding door. Much too crowded but are they growing? I have had to stake the tommies and I have more of them in the actual vegetable garden which did get a bit more crowded today. More 'erbs, a garlic chive, chives, tarragon to add to the collection.
Then parsnip seeds. Seem to remember them doing wonderfully years ago. 2 more strawberry plants and the rhubarb (which I don't like) is growing beautifully and zucchini, cucumber,pumpkin plants and maybe some zucchini seeds as well. Not sure about those. I am buying compost with water saving stuff in it and that goes on top of the broken up soil, then sugar cane mulch and things are doing better than ever. It is a snail graveyard but I think I have on spinach plant that they did not eat before we realized they had set up an encampment.
The apple tree has apples, the nectarine tree has nectarines and the bed with paper and all the spare pots on it for a couple of years to kill off the oxalis is still in messy state. I fear it has to be dealt with. Pond got new pump and lawn seed and I find it hard to believe but kikuyu seed as well as the drought has killed off so much of the kikuyu. I always oversow it so that if it get a frost in winter there is still green in the lawn. Now please please let those grey clouds drop rain.