Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scatterdays - "How you see yourself"

I am into this right away - unlike previous months where I have been a slacker!

The subject "How you see yourself" made me have a think, who am I?

Lots of things - they can all wait, but the most important way I see myself over the last few years is a grandmother or Nana as I am called. I love the name and when heard from the mouth of a 2 year old, sends tingles down my spine! I have a few more months before the Divine Miss. M calls me Nana, but with lots of visits she will remeber me.

Of course, I don't see myself as you see me in the picture - to me I am still 28 and slim!

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Billye said...

I am Nana too -- to my 8 year old grandson and my 1-1/2 week old granddaughter. There really ought to be a way to be a grandmother first! And yes, I know what you mean -- I think it may be my most important job ever.