Friday, November 28, 2008

Procrastination in Pink

Maybe this is what I should call this quilt? I should be constructing 2 backings for quilts to go to the quilter over the holidays.

I cut it out Monday and finished the top today (Friday). I actually did the blocks in about 2 hours, the applique and borders waited a bit due to the Brisbane family's arrival on Wednesday. This is a very old Chook Shed pattern I made in country colours many years ago and have just completed and has been displayed in The Quilt Patch. Some patterns deserve a second chance, this being one. It's now a Country Cupboard design (The Chook Shed girls having gone their separate ways). A very simple design suitable for any beginner. I am not a pale pink, green and yellow person at all, but many, many customers are and samples are sometimes the only way that many can get inspiration for a new quilt, therefore the sample is made not in my colours!

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