Sunday, November 16, 2008

More of my quilts

The Chook quilt is called "Fowl Play" and was made a few (well quite a few) years ago. I'd started making the chooks and sunflowers using enlaraged Chook Shed and Meme patterns in the yummy black, white, gold and reds. Then I went to Perth, WA for a SCQuilter's retreat and did a class with Jan Mullen, so I used the same fabrics. Pure laziness on my part as they were at the top of the heap and easy to grab.

This is a pizza, another challenge entry from a few years ago. I think the topic was "food". This is called "Super-supreme and Sundae" as the top is meant to be a pizza and the backing fabric has icecream sundaes on it.
I played with a Kaliedoscope ruler as I wanted it to have a "round feel" about it. Lots of tomato, onion, capsicum, mushroom, olive and pizza fabrics were used and then some precious chunky buttons from the button box.

Further to yesterday's post with the bright batiks - I have completed 30 more, now have 60. I either don't use 1 (7x7), make 4 more (8x8) or 40 more (10x10) - big decision! I think I have enough fabric to make 30 more, so maybe it will be 81 blocks (9x9).

PPS - I've just found I have 30 more squares cut - it's meant to be at least 90!

I really did want to get onto the Tasmanian Devil quilt, sigh!!!

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